WVIP is a radio station broadcasting a World Ethnic format. Licensed to New Rochelle, New York, USA, it serves the New York metropolitan area. Formerly known as WRTN-93.5 and renamed WVIP, the station is currently owned by Hudson-Westchester Radio.

In 2006, William O’Shaughnessy’s Whitney Radio Group renamed its WRTN/93.5 WVIP. In July 2010, WVIP moved its transmitter to New York City, giving it a much stronger signal in New York City, northern New Jersey, southern Connecticut, Long Island and Rockland County.

NYC Local

In fact, most of the entire tri-state area can comfortably tune into WVIP, on 93.5 FM.

WVOX’s transmitter is located atop the Montefiore Medical center in the Bronx.

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Now broadcasting live, from New York City! WVIP is Big Time! Find out how to get your message across…